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5 sustainable household swaps you can make today-Easy ways to have a more environmentally conscious

If you’re looking to make your household chores a little bit more sustainable, there are plenty of natural cleaning hacks you can try. They might seem small, but over time these simple switches will help stop more plastic going into landfill, save you money and protect you and your home from harsh chemicals.

Make the switch to bamboo

Paper tissues might seem like the obvious choice when you need to clean up a spill or wipe your nose, but nature has a much better alternative. Next time you’re about to sneeze, reach for a bamboo tissue instead. One of the world’s most sustainable plants, bamboo grows in mere months, unlike wood which takes between 5 to 10 years to mature. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial too. It’s a no brainer.

Start your own home compost

Instead of chucking your food scraps in the bin every night after dinner, find a spare container and use it to start your own home compost. Pop uneaten lunches, mouldy fruit and vegetable peeling in there, and over time you’ll see a big difference in how much you're sending to landfill. If you’re a keen garden, you can even use the compost on your soil to make it super fertile.

Remove plastic products from your kitchen

Plastic is awful for the environment, particularly when it ends up in our oceans, so a simple way to be more sustainable is to stop using it whenever you can. Take a look around your kitchen and you’re sure to find plastic hiding in plenty of places. Instead of cling film, try a reusable food wrap. Next time you have a party, choose wooden cutlery over the disposable plastic time. Have a plastic chopping board? Replace it for one made of wheat starch.

Trade fabric softener for dryer balls

Fabric softeners often contain petroleum-based chemicals and microplastics that can end up being washed into the ocean, damaging both people and marine life. Next time it’s laundry day, reach for an all-natural dryer ball instead. You can easily find ones made from pure sheep’s wool, which will soften clothes just as well as their chemical counterpart but without causing any harm.

Buy plant-based cleaning products

When it comes to really stubborn grime people automatically assume strong chemicals are the answer. But you can get just as good results using natural products. All Plaine household cleaners use plant-based cleaning agents with ingredients like aloe vera and lemon to freshen up your home the environmentally friendly way.

We hope this guide has helped you realise that sustainability doesn’t have to be a stress. Small changes over a time make a big difference, so feel proud. With each swap you make you’re helping to change the earth for the better.

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