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Let's face it. This planet of ours can do with all the help it can get.

And that means every single one of us thinking hard about the products

we use and the impact they have on the environment. 

That's why every bamboo paper product made by Plaine has been 

created with sustainability in mind. 

plaine bamboo paper product

Bamboo Paper Products

Our thinking on sustainability.


Like most manufacturers we use up energy and resources when making our products. But at Plaine we do everything we can to lower our carbon footprint. 

Every year we do a carbon consumption review and offset our production and shipping emissions to the best of our knowledge.

Our packaging is kinder to the environment too. 

It's made from a biodegradable material certified to EN13432. 

so whether its placed in landfill or dropped on your garden compost heap, the soil's microorganisms will help break it down, Naturally. 

With around 40% of the UK's household refuse being incinerated it's also good to know that our packaging doesn't produce harmful toxins when burnt. 

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